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Easy Tsoureki in bread machine

Easy Tsoureki in Bread Machine

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  • Author: Eli K. Giannopoulos
  • Prep Time: 2 hours
  • Rising time: 4 hours
  • Cook Time: 45 minutes
  • Total Time: 6 hours 45 minutes
  • Yield: 1 tsoureki 1x
  • Cuisine: Greek



For the dough

  • 500 gr (17.6 oz) strong white (bread) flour
  • 5 tsp instant dry yeast
  • 130 gr (4.6 oz) sugar
  • 100 ml (3.4 fl oz) milk
  • 90 ml (3 fl oz) water
  • 80 gr (2.8 oz) butter
  • 2 eggs
  • 5 tsp ground mahleb seeds
  • 1 tsp ground cardamon seeds
  • 23 ground mastic “teardrops”
  • 1/2 tsp salt

To glaze and decorate

  • 1 egg
  • 2 tbsp water
  • 4 tbsp almond slivers


  1. To prepare my easy tsoureki in bread machine start by adding the flour in the bread machine bowl.
  2. Add the yeast on one corner of the bread machine bowl.
  3. Add the tsoureki ground spices (mahleb, ground cardamon seeds, ground mastic), the salt, sugar and orange zest on the other side of the baking pan.
  4. Crack the eggs in a bowl, pour in the water and whisk.
  5. In the bread machine bowl, pour in the milk and the egg-water mixture and add half the butter.
  6. Place the bowl in the bread machine and start the brioche dough programme. In the Panasonic SD-ZX2522, use menu 33. On the Panasonic SD-ZB2512 use menu 29. When the bread machine beeps, add the remaining butter and resume the programme.
  7. If your bread machine doesn’t have a brioche dough setting, use the plain dough setting and half way through the kneading cycle add the remaining butter to your tsoureki dough.
  8. Once the programme is complete, your bread machine tsoureki dough should look soft, springy and a little bit sticky.
  9. Its now time to proof your bread machine tsoureki. Set your bread machine to the “rise” programme and let it proof for about 3 hours. The dough is ready when it has doubled in size and has almost filled the bread machine bowl.
  10. If your bread machine doesn’t have a “rise” programme, use the sourdough starter programme and let the tsoureki dough proof for about 3 hours. If your bread machine doesn’t have a rise or sourdough starter programme, simply switch off the bread machine and leave the tsoureki dough in it for about 4 hours to proof.
  11. Once the tsoureki dough has proofed, remove the bowl from your bread machine and gently deflate your dough.
  12. Pour out the dough and using your scale split it in three equal portions.
  13. Take one portion of dough and roll it a little using your hands. Then grab it by the ends and shake it to stretch it into a rope. Each tsoureki string should be around 60cm/24 inch long. This technique will align the gluten in the dough and help it form that delicious stringy texture that characterises there traditional tsoureki.
  14. Lay your three tsoureki dough ropes side by side. Pinch the three dough ropes together on the top and fold the ropes over each other, forming a braid. Finally tuck the edges underneath.
  15. Transfer your tsoureki dough in a large baking dish lined with some parchment paper. Cover with some cling film and let it proof for around 1 hour, until it has doubled in size. If your house is cold, try turning the oven light on and putting your dough in it, to accelerate the proofing.
  16. Your dough is now ready to decorate. Crack one egg in a bowl, add a couple of tablespoons of water in it and whisk. Brush your tsoureki in a bread machine dough with the egg wash and sprinkle the almond slivers over it.
  17. Preheat your oven to 160C / 320F and bake your tsoureki for 45 minutes until it turns golden brown on top. Halfway through the cooking time rotate your baking dish so that the tsoureki is evenly coloured.
  18. Remove your bread machine tsoureki from the oven and let it cool down on a cake rack. Slice and serve with some chocolate spread or jam! Wrap it with some cling film to help keep it fresh!
  19. Enjoy!

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