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Vasilopita Cake recipe (Greek New Year's cake)

Vasilopita Cake Recipe (Greek New Year’s cake)


Posted: December 7, 2013

A delicious New Year’s cake recipe infused with the aromas of oranges and garnished with a thick and glossy vanilla scented sugar glaze! Discover the tradition behind this cake, the luck and smiles it will bring to you and your family…

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Greek Orange cake recipe (Portokalopita)

Traditional Greek Orange Cake with Syrup (Portokalopita)


Posted: October 23, 2013

Traditional Greek Portokalopita recipe. Find out how to make this tasty Greek phyllo yogurt cake infused with the aromas of fresh oranges and cinnamon here.

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Easy Homemade Greek Cookies Recipe

Easy Homemade Greek Cookies Recipe

Serves: 2 large baking trays

Time: 10 minutes prep (20 minutes baking time)

Difficulty: Beginner

Delicious, traditional Greek cookies recipe infused with orange zest and vanilla! The best part? Ready to bake in 10 minutes and ready to eat in less than 30!

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